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Green Cluster

Green Cluster is the very first Cluster within Green Park and is a happy vibrant place to work and play. Children in the Cluster are aged between three and seven – some of the very young children have the opportunity to attend on a part-time basis as this may be the very first time that they have been to school. 

We enjoy very good relationships with the families of our children and for those families who require extra support we offer 'Team Around the Child' meetings so that families have the opportunity to come into school and meet with all the different professionals who are working with their child.

Some of the things we do at school:-

We do lots of learning through play and exploration – in the water, sand, outside and in the Tuff Spots. We like to find out how things work and what things are used for.  We like to get messy and play with our friends but that's alright because we wear our aprons and always tidy up after ourselves!  
We like to play outside  - whatever the weather, so we are learning all our dressing skills  We do lots of choosing and learning to decide for ourselves which helps us to learn how to think. We are encouraged to be as independent as we can, for example, with our walking and our eating.

We know how important it is to be able to communicate effectively with each other and to let people know what we want so we are learning how to use different ways of expressing ourselves. In Green Cluster, we use a variety of different communication strategies – we can use photographs, symbols, signs or specialist technology such as the eye gaze. It’s important to use a total communication system to work out the best strategy for each individual. 

We enjoy swimming sessions, using the sensory gym and the Sensory Rooms – there are fun things to do and places to go but they help us learn about ourselves and our school.   

We love school – it's great place to play and learn! We like to spend time together as a cluster so that we can make lots of friendships with other children.  Green Cluster is a happy start to your journey at Green Park School

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