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Orange Cluster

Orange cluster includes a dedicated team who work hard to offer a variety of learning experiences that meet the needs and interests of pupils. We do everything possible to heighten levels of engagement through enjoyable and exciting learning opportunities when pupils have fun!

We teach our children to stay safe and we build on their Receptive and Expressive Communication to help them express their thoughts and feelings. Liaison with professionals to find the best communication method for individuals to use at school and beyond is essential. This may include PECs, Eye Gaze, Makaton signing, TaSSeLs (on body signing), technical devices, ipads.
The expertise of other professionals is consistently drawn upon to give pupils the best possible experience in school and at home (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Speech and Language and other specialists).
We are a cohesive team who take full advantage of the opportunities Outdoor Learning offers. The possibilities of our Forest School area invite us to understand more about our environment giving us opportunities to look after the great area we are able to access. We encourage pupils to meet and work safely with new friends and adults during interventions and shared opportunities when students can interact with others.
Lunchtimes are fun! We encourage learners to practice and maintain their personal skills with increasing levels of independence. We are a cohesive team who embrace lunchtime clubs and use them to socialise with our Cluster friends!
For many learners, Orange Cluster marks the transition from Primary to Secondary. We take every opportunity to further develop our early life skills. We apply and embed learning through a mini café, cluster afternoon sessions where we take part in activities which allow us to initiate learning and work more independently; sensory story time, creative cognition-based learning, and we love taking part in scientific experiments when we experience a few surprises!  We maintain our Garden on Wheels and welcome the joy performances bring to students, carers and families. Assemblies are strong and pupils are empowered to embrace and respect difference and diversity.
As we are becoming older, we recognise how important it is to get ready for life beyond school – Preparation for Adulthood is important and we consistently work towards this – however, we are keen to ensure that families know our abilities so that our life skills / key skills can be used at home during weekends and holidays right now! We want to be sure that our learning is purposeful enabling us to put relevant learning into practice.
We know our students have skills and interests that will help enrich their personal lives; swimming, singing, sports, dance, reading, movies – in Orange Cluster we find out more about what makes students happy and share this information so that hobbies etc can be enjoyed outside of school.

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