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Yellow Cluster

The Yellow Cluster team works hard to provide exciting and innovative learning opportunities to meet each pupil’s individual needs, so that they can develop and reach their potential. Dedicated staff support each other to make their classrooms into fun and wonderful learning environments which are used to inspire pupils. 

Our Cluster aims to develop our student’s independence and self- help skills.  We encourage pupils to engage with classroom jobs as they demonstrate their maturity. Some of the job’s pupils are proud to do complete: taking the dinner list to the office, giving out equipment in class, looking after their own possessions (such as their coat and bag) and pupils help to tidy away and clean up after themselves. They are encouraged, through play and good modelling to help each other and be friendly and caring to others in our cluster.

To enhance and support the curriculum, some students in Yellow Cluster benefit from a wide variety of interventions including speech and language therapy, forest schools, rebound therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, 1:1 music sessions and offsite educational visits, for example, Hugglepets animal therapy.

Yellow Cluster is a busy but fun and caring place to be! We know how important it is to be able to communicate to each other and to let people know what we want.  We are learning how to use different ways of communicating to meet our individual needs.  A range of different strategies that we use are : speech, Intensive Interaction, PECS, Makaton, choice boards, choice books, iPads with apps, switches and On Body Signing.  We may use a range of different strategies to help children communicate effectively when working and playing.  Talking of play - that is something we do best! We may sometimes get messy during our play sessions, but that’s ok because we are learning through play and we also learn to clean up too!

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