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Curriculum Overview

The vibrant curriculum at Green Park School meets the needs of learners from ages 3 to 19. This includes EYFS, right through to appropriate Accreditation Routes that include ASDAN and Entry Level Qualifications.

We intend to offer students the best possible education during their journey through school. The National Curriculum and Development Matters are the starting points in developing our Knowledge Rich Curriculum that gives pupils the opportunity to develop relevant knowledge, skills and understating needed for Lifelong Learning and Independence. All of our pupils have complex barriers to learning detailed in their Education, Health and Care plans (EHCPs).

We adopt a ‘Disciplined Approach to Creative Innovation’ where thematic planning is used to help pupils access exciting learning opportunities. We seek to promote exciting learning environments where pupils are engaged and driven to learn – teachers provide stimuli that captures pupils undisrupted attention steering their learning and challenging teachers to creatively adapt a secure curriculum to help pupils achieve outstanding results. Although pupils individual needs are a priority, their Statutory rights to a broad and balanced curriculum are consistently monitored by School Leaders who develop, monitor and review the Knowledge Rich Curriculum on a regular basis. Learning for Life and the development of Functional Skills remain important in the Curriculum. This includes Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development as well as gaining an understanding of the society in which they live where British Values and its impact on the life of individuals within society are incorporated as they prepare for adulthood. For more information on our curriculum use the links below. You can also contact our Curriculum Leader - Angie Esson, Deputy Headteacher,01902 556429 or email

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