Orange Cluster

Orange Cluster supports pupils from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3. We are a very lively cluster with lots of enthusiastic pupils keen to develop the basic skills they have acquired in Green and Yellow Clusters. Everyone in the cluster is forward looking and really working hard on both our academic work and developing the life skills we will need as we grow up. 


Orange Cluster is made up of three classes, Class 7, Class 8 and Class 9. The three classes often work together to ensure that all pupils maximize the opportunities available at Green Park. 


This year we have enjoyed Outdoor Pursuits visits to Sandwell Valley and Baggeridge Country Park, and some pupils attended an Outdoor Pursuits residential for three days at the Wingate Centre in Nantwich Cheshire. We have also had a very successful Cluster visit to the Think Tank Science Museum at Millennium Point Birmingham. As well as our off site visits we welcome Rupert; a very special horse who is trained to work with pupils and he understands sign language. Rupert is very popular with pupils in Orange Cluster.

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