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Welcome to the Governing Body of Green Park School. Governors represent parents, staff, the community and the local authority. We work very closely with the leadership team from the school and the staff to ensure that teaching and learning is delivered to high standards and to an established plan so that all of our young people can learn and develop and be equipped with skills that will enable them to have various levels of independence. We also make sure that the learning experience is enjoyable and that the children have fun. You will often see us being involved with the children's activities, both within and outside of school.


Governors are also involved in making sure that the school receives sufficient money to meet the needs of the children and that the right levels of support are provided by the other professional agencies. We also ensure that the best value is obtained from the use of our resources.


The new building has given us opportunities to continue to develop the ways in which we work with our children so that they can get the very best out of their lives. Staff are continually looking at ways to enrich the learning experience for the children which will enable them to reach higher levels of achievement. These include using the specialist rooms and the outside areas, including the Forest School, and activities out of school. We also have joint activities with Stowlawn School which develop new relationships and friendships, and we continue to develop our relationships with the local community.


If you would like to know more about the Governing Body or about becoming a Governor please feel free to contact me via the school.

There are no current vacancies.

Parent Governor Vacancy

Our school has a robust procedure for declarations of interest for all governors and staff at school. Annual returns ensure we maintain good quality systems to support the standards in public life.


Our Chair of Governors is also an Authority appointed Governor (and Vice Chair of Governors) at Westfield County Primary School, Wombourne.


Please click here to see our Governors Declarations of Interest for 2018-19.

Cllr Barry Bond
Chair of Governors
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Committee Structure
Past Governors

Ms S Coles - Co-opted Governor - Term Start: 16/04/2018 - stepped down / term ended: 20/07/2018

Mr N Clayton - Staff Governor - Term Start: 23/09/2013 - stepped down / term ended: 22/09/2017

Mrs D Currien - Community Governor - Term start: 17/06/2015 - stepped down / term ended: 08/05/2017

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