Our Staff

Our Team at Green Park
Leadership Team

Chair of Governors


Deputy Head Teacher

Mr B Bond

Mrs L Dawney

Mrs A Esson

Primary School Improvement Leader

Secondary School Improvement Leader

Assistant Primary School Improvement Leader

Assistant Secondary School Improvement Leader

Mrs J Price

Mrs L McGoldrick

Mrs K Hall

Miss M Madizak


Curriculum Areas of Responsibility


EHCP - Pupil Progress

EHCP - Communication

EHCP - Cognition

EHCP - Social & Emotional

EHCP - Physical/Medical

Miss H Proudler

Miss J Parker

Mrs R Mann

Mrs S Wilson

Mrs K Kirkham


Green Cluster​




Yellow Cluster




Orange Cluster




Red Cluster




Purple Cluster





Mrs H Martin / Miss K McCardle

Mrs S Wilson

Mrs K Robinson / Mrs K Morley

Mrs F Trusselle

Miss O Cross

Miss J Parker

Miss S Reynolds

Miss H Perry

Mrs K Hall / Mrs K Kirkham


Mrs T Pitt

Miss G Small

Mrs R Mann


Mrs K Evans

Mrs M Madziak

Mrs P Thorneycroft

Mrs G Lavan / Mrs S Pearson

Sensory Class Group

Focused Class Group

Sensory Class Group


Sensory Class Group

Sensory Class Group

Structured Class Group


Structured Class Group

Focused Class Group

Sensory Class Group


Sensory Class Group

Focused Class Group

Structured Class Group


Focused Class Group

Focused Class Group

Sensory Class Group

Life Skills Group

Higher Level Teaching Assistant's (HLTA's)

Mrs S Brown

Mrs S Lees

Mrs D Norman



School Business Manager

Assistant School Business Manager

Human Resources Officer & PA to Headteacher

Site and Safety Officer & PA to Deputy Headteacher

HR School Administrator 

School Administration Assistant 

Site Manager

Education Welfare Officer

Home Liaison Officer 

Miss R Cartwright 

Mrs A Tura

Mrs S Briscoe

Mrs J Nosko

Mrs L Handley

Mrs S Banger

Mr I Radford

K Mcmanus

Mrs M Keay

Multi Agency Support

School Nurses

Mrs A Clark (Tel: 01902 445318)

Mrs K Gifford

Miss E Lea

Miss S Kyle

Mrs Y Shinton

Mrs M George

Mrs R Gladwin

School Physiotherapists

Mrs Claire Parker

Miss Hannah Kendrick

Mrs Lisa Allcott

Mrs Kate Mantle

Mrs Kim Griffiths

Mrs Marie Baker

Speech and Language Therapists 

Teachers for Multi Sensory Impairment

Connections Officer

Occupational Therapist 

Miss Sarah Drayton

Miss Kelly Fletcher (01902 444363)

Mrs J Price 

Mrs L McGoldrick 

Ms Val Richards

Mrs Debbie Jenkins

Mrs Sharon Ashton

Green Park School, Green Park Avenue, Stowlawn, West Midlands, WV14 6EH


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