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School Uniform 

All pupils are required to wear a school uniform which consists of:   

  • A royal Blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan,   

  • A red or white Polo shirt or shirt/blouse,   

  • Grey or dark trousers /skirt 

  • A blue checked dress if desired    

These can be purchased/ordered from My Clothing , click the link directly here:

PE Kit 
Pupils also need a PE kit which consists of  

  • plain red T-shirt  

  • black shorts 

  • PE pumps/trainers  



For swimming sessions pupils require  

  • trunks/costume  

  • a towel 

  • For reasons of hygiene and health and safety, families of those pupils with incontinence needs can order from school ‘freestyle’ swimming pants for use under costumes or order these directly online from PHP Perfectly Happy People at   


For both PE and swimming programmes pupils need to provide a toiletry bag containing soap/shower gel and shampoo for use in showering programmes that follow physical activities (when appropriate).  

Pupils who swim off site they are able to access the cafeteria at the leisure centre and so they may be asked to bring a donation for purchasing a hot drink.