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Lorraine Dawney, Headteacher, says…

It is with great pride that I welcome you to our wonderful school.

We work very hard to ensure all pupils are happy, safe and can achieve their full potential. All of our pupils have a range of special educational needs but every child is treated as an individual… and they regularly astound us with the things that they achieve!


We regularly consult our parents about our school, asking them what we are good at,and also what we could do better each year. Parents have recently said:

  • My child arrives home feeling content. Green Park enables my child to feel a sense of belonging and importance on a personal level.”
  •  “The work effort and passion of the team across the board to help the children to develop their full potential. “
  • “The way my child has learnt to smile, laugh and socialise is amazing and it is a true reflection of the work and care that she receives at Green Park.”
  • “Communication is excellent.” “I am proud that my children have attended Green Park school and I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone looking for a school in this area.”
  • “I love the way the teachers care about the children and how they treat them as they would their own. School has such a warm, caring, loving atmosphere to it, it’s such a special place.” 

To make an appointment to look around or to request further details please email: greenparkschool@ wolverhampton.gov.uk or telephone 01902 556429.


It is Green Park’s belief that all teachers are teachers of Literacy & Communication. We are committed to developing the Literacy Skills of all our students in the belief that it will promote learning, personal growth and development and raise standards across the curriculum. It includes not only the formal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, New National Curriculum, and 14-19 curriculum, but also includes the various extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experiences of our young people. Literacy and Communication is an essential aspect of the school day and everyday life.



In the society in which we live, an ability to communicate effectively, through verbal, non-verbal, written and alternative methods, for example, voice output communication aids, PECS, TaSSeLs, Makaton are essential to promote learning across the curriculum and underpins pupils' achievements and participation in all aspects of their lives. 

Communication empowers students to learn and live with a higher level of independency.

Language is central to living and learning. Green Park School fully supports the idea that Literacy & Communication is part of the ‘core business’ of our school and this is reflected in the commitment of the staff to promoting Total Communication as one of the school’s main priorities.



The School Curriculum reflects the heart of needs of the pupils at Green Park. It contains learning that is essential and important in enabling individuals to enhance their quality of life, their ability to communicate choices and to gain independence. 

The National Curriculum in its present form can never be what we need in school to meet all our individual children’s needs because its authors have never met our children! It is for this reason that Green Park have taken the brave step in embracing an opportunity to develop a New Creative Curriculum that truly focuses on the primary needs of our students. It welcomes the core statements in the Educational Health and Care Plans which embraces the development of skills needed to live an enjoyable, independent and fulfilled life.


The New Curriculum is a ‘Disciplined Approach to Creative Innovation’ where thematic planning is used to help pupils access exciting learning opportunities. We seek to promote vibrant learning environments where pupils are engrossed and driven to learn – teachers provide stimuli that capture pupils undisrupted attention, which steers their learning and challenges teachers to creatively adapt a secure curriculum to help pupils achieve outstanding results because they are fully engaged. Teachers check that learning is secure and can be applied across all aspects of their lives using functional skills for a purpose.

It is our intent that all students will;

Learn For Life, Follow a Personalised, Functional and purposeful Curriculum, Develop a communication system that is highly effective, Grow in Independence, Apply and Generalise Skills and where appropriate Maintain Skills, Follow a Sequenced Curriculum that enables learners to take the small, individualised steps necessary to develop Knowledge and Skills.

School Organisation


Green Park aims to provide access to high quality education and learning experiences, both in school and in the community. We seek to maximise each pupil’s achievement as part of their lifelong learning. It is the school’s aim to be a centre of Educational Excellence in the heart of the community.


The school’s culture is an important element of achieving our aims and values. Green Park is a school where there is warmth and where we work together with all parties to improve the opportunities for our children to learn.

Travel arrangements

All parents are welcome to bring their child into school and there is a dedicated disabled parking area. Please ensure that pupils arrive at 9am and are collected from 3.15pm. If requested, a home school transport service is available to collect and return pupils within the Local Authority. For further information on this service please email: hometoschooltravel@wolverhampton.gov.uk or telephone: 01902 554154.


All pupils at Green Park School are required to wear a school uniform, which consists of: • A royal blue sweatshirt Jumper or cardigan • A red or white polo shirt, shirt or blouse • Grey or dark trousers, skirt or joggers • A blue checked dress.   Uniform items with the Green Park School logo on can be purchased/ordered from school or from the Tesco website: www.tesco.com/ues

Parent Views


At Green Park School we also view parents as partners in the education of their children and we will offer support and guidance in all educational areas. As you will see by reading the many parent and pupil stories within this prospectus you and your child are very important to us. Parents have told us that they love the way teachers care about their children and how they treat them as they would their own child.


Letters are usually sent to parents via the escort and we now have a text messaging service to parents.


Amazing people

Green Park School came highly recommended to Nilesh and Sapna by the care professionals working with them and Jia. When Nilesh and Sapna looked around, it was the people that really stood out. “When we first viewed Green Park School, the facilities were nothing like they are now but for us that didn’t matter; it was the atmosphere, the warm friendly people that really impressed us,” says Nilesh.

Home from home

According to both delighted parents. “Green Park School is wonderful! It offers a safe, caring and supportive environment which is essentially a home from home. We couldn’t ask for more than we receive from Green Park School and we really can’t recommend it highly enough.”


Get in Touch


Green Park School, Green Park Avenue, Stowlawn WV14 6EH


01902 556429/30