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Our School is made up of 16 classes which are spilt into clusters: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple. Each cluster is made up of 3 – 4 classes of differing learning styles. Pupils generally progress through the Clusters as they get older, in classes which learning style suits them best.

Classes have been identified as Sensory, Focused or Structured as their main learning style. They are likely to deliver more than one learning style within their group as learning is differentiated for all learners according to their Pathway in line with their Unique and Personal Learning Style. Functional learners in Red and Purple Clusters will follow their Personal Pathways alongside their Functional Learning. 

Blue Cluster is accessed by all pupils, offering further opportunities for pupils to practise, apply and generalise learnt skills beyond the classroom. 

A school week is 32.5 hours and a typical school day looks like this: 

School transport and parents on site for drop off
Pupils to be dropped off at school via transport or parent drop-off/pickup 
9:00 – 9:20am 
Registration and Welcome 
Pupils arrive in their classes and prepare for the school day 
9:20 – 10:30am 
Teaching Time 
10:30 – 10:40am 
Break Time 
Pupils have a snack and a break 
10:40am – 12:00pm 
Teaching Time 
12:00pm – 12:40pm
Lunch time
Time for a break and to eat lunch including personal care and lunch targets
Lunch play session
Including personal care
Afternoon welcome & registration
Teaching time
Preparation for home time
Including functional skills and reflection
Home Time
Pupils collected by pupil transport or parents
  • Food Tech Room
    In the Food Technology room, pupils are given many opportunities to develop their life skills through practical cookery activities. Pupils are encouraged to plan, follow instructions and of course sample what they make to evaluate its success! Specialist adaptive equipment is available so that all pupils are able to access these facilities.
  • Pool
    Our pool enables pupils to access swimming facilities on-site. Pupils use the pool regularly on a timetabled basis, enjoying either 1:1 or small group sessions led by our trained swimming instructors. Pupils love getting into the pool and working towards their Physical and Sensory targets as well as benefitting from the warm temperatures in the pool!
  • PE Hall
    Our PE Hall facility offers a range of specialist sports equipment for pupils to work on their Physical and Sensory targets and build on their physical abilities.
  • Rebound
    Within the PE Hall, Specialist Rebound Therapy is offered by specially trained members of staff. Rebound Therapy is used to facilitate movement, promoting balance, relaxation, sensory integration, and improving fitness and exercise tolerance. Pupils have the opportunity to complete this 1:1 intervention alongside their lessons.
  • Library
    Throughout school we aim to foster a love for books and reading. Whether this be through sensory stories, sound books, our Read Write Inc Reading schemes or functional reading activities, the library allows pupils to explore a range of different books and take ownership of which they would like to choose. In Purple Cluster, pupils also have access to the Sixth Form Library which focuses on age-appropriate and functional reading for our older pupils beginning to explore life beyond Green Park.
  • Dinner Hall
    During lunchtimes, pupils visit the hatch and dinner hall where they are encouraged to eat alongside their peers in Primary or Secondary. We encourage pupils to make choices about what they would like to eat using their preferred communication strategies.
  • Courtyard
    The courtyard is an enclosed outdoor space for pupils to explore a range of new and exciting ideas, working on developing their problem-solving abilities. Pupils are encouraged to explore and investigate! The subject coordinator thinks carefully about where the pupil's interests are and organises the available workspaces to match pupils’ inquisitive minds. The teacher offers challenging opportunities for children to ask questions and solve problems with an increasing level of independence.
  • Drama Studio
    Within the Drama Studio pupils have an opportunity to investigate cause and effect responses, benefiting from a range of specialist sensory equipment including bubble tubes, waterbed and musical squares. Pupils are encouraged to explore equipment using different senses.
  • Sensory Gym
    Our Sensory Gym encourages pupils to develop their balance, fine motor skills and tolerance for a range of different textures. Pupils have access to a range of specialist sensory equipment.
  • Our Pet Rabbits
    It is wonderful to have pet rabbits in school! Pupils are able to enjoy looking after and caring for our rabbits, benefiting from opportunities to also develop their self-esteem. Pupils gain key skills in nurturing and learning how to look after a pet, instilling important life skills.
  • Cool Kids
    When our dinner hall is not being used for school lunches, our pupils have access to a range of specialist equipment where they can engage in our Cool Kids programs which helps pupils to regulate their emotions.
  • Outdoor Facilities
    Across school as pupils progress through the clusters, they have access to a range of different outdoor playground facilities. These facilities include multi-gym equipment, play apparatus and bikes. We also have a wheelchair accessible swing and trampoline. Pupils benefit from taking part in Forest Schools and access to the Walkway alongside other outdoor areas.
  • Forest School
    Our wonderful outdoor Walkway and Forest School areas offer opportunities for holistic growth, nurturing our pupils social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Forest school encourages hands-on exploration in a natural setting which aims to develop pupils' confidence and self-esteem. Pupils can experience different weather elements, collect natural materials and go on mini beast hunts to name but a few activities!
  • Multi-gyms
    Depending on a pupils age, they have access to either the Primary or Secondary Multigym areas. These are wonderful outdoor fitness apparatus, including arm and pedal bicycles, health walkers and waist twisters. Here pupils can be supported to build upon their physical abilities and work on their targets.
  • Bike and Ball Court
    Our outdoor facilities include access to our Bike and Ball Court. Pupils are supported to work towards their Physical and Sensory targets. We have a range of specially adapted bicycles, tricycles and scooters; alongside side-by-side dual tricycles which pupils can access alongside a member of staff.
  • Horticulture Area
    Throughout their time at Green Park, pupils have access to a range of different outdoor Horticulture and Gardening facilities. Pupils enjoy spending time outside looking after our outdoor area as well as planting a range of different flowers and food items such as pumpkins, green beans and sprouts! It is wonderful for our pupils to witness how things can grow overtime and develop understanding of what they need to help them grow. We have a range of raised beds, pots and a greenhouse to aid pupils’ learning outside of the classroom.
  • Art Room
    The Creative Arts Department offers opportunities for pupils to develop creatively and refine their fine motor skills. Within the Art room pupils can explore a number of messy play activities and interact with the omni-vista floor. Our young people have worked with a range of artists to create interactive pieces of art that are accessed by all on a daily basis. We also have a number of music tutors which come into school to help pupils’ engagement and give opportunities to explore a range of instruments.
  • Lego Therapy
    In our designated Lego Therapy area, pupils have access to a range of blocks and equipment where they can engage in small group sessions which helps to build social development and fine motor skills.
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