Programes of Study

Each Programme of Study offers some support for pupils who are at the Early Stages of Learning. 

All pupils will have the opportunity to learn how to remain safe and healthy throughout the curriculum.
Pupils working P1-P4 have targets set from the Routes for Learning curriculum. Within this pupils will have the opportunity to Respond, Interact, Explore, Solve Problems, Communicate using a range of techniques and technology.

Generally, the Programmes of Study have been developed to support pupils who are working from around P4 and above. Pupil’s personal interests and learning styles will always be taken into consideration when planning for classroom sessions. Curriculum leaders will offer guidance through Medium Term Planning and on-going consultation with staff.
All areas are ordered roughly developmentally in each section.

Literacy & Communication

Literacy, Information Communication Technology, Drama

Communication and Literacy covers speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Everyday language and communication skills are a highlight of this area. Makaton sign Language, PEC's, Communication Aids, Photographs, Writing with Symbols, Object Cues IPad Apps, Eye Gazer are some of the tools used to help engage pupils and help learning remain meaningful. The school have recently implemented Read Write Inc as a reading scheme for our most gifted pupils.


For more information about Read Write Inc, please click here


Science, Numeracy, Information Communication Technology

Cognition and Numeracy are covered through the development of the following skills; Thinking, Reasoning, Remembering, Problem Solving, Using the Senses, Numeracy; Matching; Classifying, Sorting. Computers and other Modern Technologies are accessed on a regular basis. Pupils are given time to think for themselves / predict and learn how to solve problems to help understand their environment. We are piloting the use of Numicon for some of our gifted pupils.

Me and My Body

Physical Education, Personal Social Health Education, Sex & Relationship Education, Citizenship, Swimming, Outdoor and Adventurous programmes

Here, pupils are encouraged to become aware of their own bodies and how to take care of themselves with a growing level of independence.  Fine and gross motor skills are frequently practiced through learning how to help themselves and others with the support of specialist equipment where necessary. The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is offered to extend pupils practical experience of life outside the classroom. A range of physical activities are offered during pupil's time at Green Park. This includes Rebound Therapy, Horse-riding and Healthy Lifestyles. A Sex and relationship education programme is provided on an individual basis and parental consent is sought before any specialist programme is implemented.

How the World Works

Design Technology, Religious Education, Humanities, Person Centered Planning, Modern Foreign Languages

Here we cover the development of understanding of the world in terms of the natural world, the material world, people, places and time and daily living.  It begins with a generic programme around using the senses, some of which are also covered in Cognition. Pupils learn through Work Experience and College Projects to help families consider what they might do beyond Green Park.


Music, Art, Drama, Dance

This Programme of Study covers opportunities for learning in Music, Dance, Drama and Art.  It begins with opportunities that relate to all the arts. Pupils use a range of sensory items and activate technology to enhance their creative minds where all responses are highly valued. Opportunities to perform to a range of audiences allow others to enjoy this aspect of development. 

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